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Christian Parenting

My walk with God while raising a teenager

I have been a Christian all my life.

I became a baptized Christian in 2011.

I started following the commandments fully in 2015.

This has been a journey for me. I like to be honest about being a Christian, it is very hard. I feel like people more than Satan test your Christian walk.

Especially if they know how to push your buttons and especially if they are your children.

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Proverbs 13:24

I was taught that this meant to beat your child. Being West Indian I had the dumb down version; which is spare the rod spoil the child. I am not a fan of hitting but I do believe in discipline. When my daughter was younger discipline was much easier and she behaved much better. Even her questions were polite; How are rainbows made? and Why is the ocean blue? After about 3 questions, my response will be none of your business. Do rainbows and oceans feed you? So let's not worry about what they are doing? She would typically know to stop asking questions and play with toys are just be quiet.

As she gotten older, questions became comparisons and then puberty hit and she grew. This is about the time when my Christianity really became a challenge for me. When she was younger I used to take her to church; as she became older I stop because forcing someone to the Lord never works. I know when God wants her, he will get her. I did give her a foundation and that is always a great start.

Her favorite comparison is with height, I am not sure if any other parent has this issue. I am 5'4 and she is 5'8, in her mind she is a giant and I am a villager forging for nuts and berries. She likes to say "oh your so tiny, I can fit you in my pocket". This makes me say, well can you fit a butt whipping in your pocket as well. Her response is "an you call yourself a Christian". Yes, yes I honestly do. Have you ever try and take something away from a teenager? being short, it looks absolutely ridiculous but it does not stop me. Or have you ever try and point your finger and yell at your teen to shame them and they move their head?

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your teenager's behavior you start reading Proverbs for wisdom and then pray with Psalms so God can intervene and stop the devil that is causing your teenager to act so disrespectful? As you pray the Lord reminds you that your teenager has your personality. Then you sit in the dark with your hands up saying but why?...

I remember when my child was being disrespectful to the teacher. When my child got home we had a positive Christian felt conversation. It was so productive and meaningful, I did not put any bible versus in it but she understood. It went like have to respect people and their opinion. You do not always have to agree but you have to respect them and yourself enough to let the small problems go over your head. She was still upset about the situation that occurred but she understood.

Then I went to work the next day...So, this is what had happen right. It was a day that I may have not been praying as hard as I needed to or something. One of my Co-workers, she started talking out of her neck so to say. I ended up having to go to the boss office to talk it out with the Co-worker. When I got home, I was frustrated and I was venting about the issue. My child over hears the conversation and she just could not wait... It was like she was going to meet her favorite rapper and get a million dollars or something. She says " I thought you were a Christian, isn't her opinion in need of respect." Of course I told her to shut it...

There are also a lot of good times being a parent to teenagers. They are old enough to hangout with and have plenty of fun. Sense she is a girl, nails and eating out is a good time for us. The most important thing when being a Christian parent to a teenager is that God is always there 24/7. There is always plenty of laughs with teenagers and also plenty of times throughout the day when I have to say, "God please guide my hands".

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